Marriage Equality

Just after the Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled that all couples, be they same or opposite genders, were entitled to marry under state law, Conference Minister the Rev. Dr. Davida Foy Crabtree said:

The Connecticut Conference has been advocating for civil liberties, civil rights and equity for the gay and lesbian community for 32 years. Since 1976 we have adopted nine different resolutions, culminating in 2004 in one that declared the denial of the civil right of marriage to same-sex couples as "an unwarranted act of exclusion." So I greet this day with great joy in my heart, especially for the thousands of gay and lesbian citizens who will know that they are fully included inour common life as a state from this day forward.

The Connecticut Conference website includes resources for officients and couples who seek marriage under this new understanding of state law.

Ceremony Resources

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