New Haven Association Clergy Scholarships


Funding: The clergy scholarships shall be funded by $0.50 per capita from the dues paid by the churches in the New Haven Association. Any unused funding will be returned to the general fund each year.

Eligibility: Active clergy in good standing with the New Haven Association may apply for clergy scholarship assistance. Preference will be given to those in parish ministry and to those whose churches do not have continuing education funding available. Clergy may receive a scholarship no more often than once every ten years.

Appropriate use of clergy scholarship money: The primary intention of this fund is to underwrite clergy continuing education, although it may be used more broadly for purposes that inform and enhance the ministry of our clergy.

Procedure for applying: Clergy may ask the registrar or the head of the Executive Committee for an application form. The registrar shall send a reminder notice of application deadlines and the application form to active clergy in March and September each year. Applications will be considered twice each year, in April and in October.

Process: A sub-committee appointed by the Executive Committee shall review applications and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for recipients and the size of the grants.

Recommended size of sub-committee: three persons.

Size of grants: Grants up to $1000 may be given at the discretion of the Executive Committee or its appointed scholarship advisory team.

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