Committee on Ministry

God is still speaking

The Committee on Ministry is where our United Church of Christ covenants are made.

We walk with persons who are discerning whether they are called to authorized ministries. We maintain accountable covenant relationships among our churches and calling bodies, authorized ministers, church members, Associations, and Conferences.

We are accountable to our New Haven Association for building the relationships that are needed for healthy and effective ministries. We work in partnership with our Regional Minister, the Rev. Mary Nelson, to stay in touch with all settings of our United Church of Christ.

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Committee Members

Rev. Matt McCaffrey (COM Chairperson)

Roger Adams
Doug Hawthorne
Barbara Hobbs
Alan Kendrix
Martha Lape (NHA Registrar)
Rev. Sandra Olsen
Rev. Mary Nelson (Regional Minister)
Rev. Shepard Parsons
Rev. Bonnie Scott
Kathy Straka (NHA Moderator)
Jean Webb
Rev. Stan Youngberg


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