Our Mission

Learning to Use a Comma

The New Haven Association of the United Church of Christ is one of 15 Associations in the Connecticut Conference.  We, the people and 21 churches of the New Haven Association, covenant with God and with one another, committing ourselves and our congregations to walk together as followers in Jesus' way of humility, compassion, and peace. 

We praise the Spirit's continuing call to us to join in this covenant of ministry and mission, enabling us to accomplish together more than we could ever imagine.

The purpose of the Association is to uplift our common witness to Jesus Christ, and serve God's proposes in the world, wherever the Holy Spirit may direct; to serve its member Churches and Ministers; and to nurture the fellowship of its Churches and Ministers; and to be the Ecclesiastical Authorizing Agency for its Churches and Ministers. The last part means that the Association authorizes, supports and disciplines ministers and determines their standing.


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